About Us


My Jewellery Shack launched in 2016 with the aim of selling branded Jewellery at amazing prices. Our policy of holding all items for sale in stock means we can offer the highest customer service in comparison to our competitors. As we grow we aim to take on more diverse brands including brands such as Link-Up, Domain, Life Lockets, City Chic and many more.

Our Aim

- To bring High Street brands to the internet all under one shop.
- To make website shopping easy and secure.
- Offer the best prices but also the highest level of customer service.
- To deliver your purchase within expected time scales.

The Foundation Of Our Company

My Jewellery Shack is the expert in online Jewellery retailing with an unparalleled reputation in the designer segment of the market. Our specialist team research the most on trend and up and coming brands to offer superb value and an exceptional variety in both Sterling Silver and costume Jewellery . Every website purchase is supported by expert advice from our experienced staff, together with a comprehensive range of after sales services.

Free Standard Shipping in UK

Free return within 30 days